“Advice after an evil is done is like medicine after death”

With “ONLY ADVISORY” concept, OOCC Pvt Ltd is incorporated with a targeted vision to provide legal advisory support especially in the fields of Tax, Corporate, Business, Commercial, Allied and other laws.

Company adorns a team of professionals like eminent Counsel, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Financial Advisors, IPR Advisors, Banking Law Experts etc with extensive experiences in the respective fields.

Ultimate aim of OOCC is to extend impeccable legal Advices to the people for rightful and peaceful existence, to ease their worries and help them decide their modus operandi.

This platform aims at saving your time from taking appointments, visiting the Professionals Chamber and exhausting your resources. Instead get to know your answers telephonically or on mail.

We, as per your wish, can also manage to proceed with the Procedural/litigation matters PAN India through our associates of high credentials practicing in the concerned areas.